Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Gift

It has taken me quite a while to put all this together. I have always thought that after my near death experience in 2006 that things became different for me because in actuality they did change. I just couldn't put my finger on it, you know? It was not noticeable all at once but over a  long period of time certain characteristics started emerging.

 I found out not only from my own experience that others as well told me they had the same thought...something was different about them and they saw life differently. My experience was right after  knee surgery and before they got me to recovery. My heart rate soared to 225 beats per minute and my blood pressure was off the charts. My heart went into atrial fib and I could feel pain in my  in my chest.Suddenly, I saw a nurse walk fast out the door to notify my family things were going wrong. Seconds later I rose above my body. I could hear and see my daughter in another room in the hospital praying for me.I had no visual of hands, body or physical form.I could see those doors of the operating room and as I looked up it appeared I was nearing the gates of a city of sort sort.I knew then I was not live in physical form but in another realm of my conscientiousness. I only said one sentence.

"Can you let me stay a little while longer?" I knew I had work to do that I haven't done. I also  had unborn grandchildren I wanted to see and be an influence to. I knew I wanted to help people.

Sometime later I woke up in ICU not knowing who I was for awhile. Lot's of people came in and out of my room.It took several months to recover from that. I kept on thinking of my experience and I needed to get started on really living with a purpose.

My first change was faith in myself and my abilities to get things done. I knew if I followed my path that I could accomplish my objectives. I started finishing a novel I started when I was 16 years old. I just "knew" it would be published. It took me a whole year to write it.Within three months it was finished. The reviews were amazing. So, having faith in myself was a good thing with positive results.I wish I had know that when I was 21 years old!

The second change was a little more out of this world-paranormal experiences.
I guessed or sensed things about some people with pretty good clarity. After you "guess" things about someone five or six times you begin to wonder what's going on. It was a weird kind of paranormal experience that seemed right out of the twilight zone.

The third thing was patience. Never my best point, I began to see that good things are worth waiting for.They also demand being done to the best of our abilities.I decided I wanted to do radio and be a Ufologist. Now you are probably saying now this woman has went off the deep end. I don't think so .I have the gift of gab. People end up telling me things because I can ask the right questions. I also recognize patterns and similarities. If I see an image of  a UFO or something that is odd or unusual I stash it away in m y head and sooner or later I will find a duplicate or something connected to that image.I can connect things really well.

It all fell into place.I'm here in the mix of ufologist, abductees, witnesses and experts all placing a spin on what's going on. I have discovered things I never new existed. I have interviewed people all over the world. Recognize your gift and do what you love.Who knew it would be looking for little grey men and flying saucers?

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