Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rock Me Gently or Slap me Please!


Have you been feeling crappy lately? Wide awake and not able to sleep? This is a common problem of alien abductee's who can not sleep for fear of being abducted.The thing I have found  is the less you sleep and the more you stay up night after night the easier it is to abduct you.You don't have the strength or resistence to fight it.Nothing works a hundred percent but I have found these things certainly do help.Use the acronym P.R.A.Y to help you get control of the sleep monste, unwind and get some much needed rest.{It has nothing to do with prayer but that wouldn't hurt either if you wanted to throw some spiritual warfare out there as well.}I've injected a bit of humor so have a good laugh.If you've been up a few nights you probably need it about now.

Prepare. Get comfortable.Wear loose fitting clothes, take a warm bath, dim the bedroom lights,pull the curtains {fluorescent lights signal the brain to wake up, try more subtle lights} adjust the bedroom temperature so you are not too cold or hot, turn off the TV.Omit late night coffee or cola.Try a calming herbal caffeine free tea like chamomile.An occasional sleep aide is okay but try to avoid persistent use of alcohol If you can get your significant other to do it a shoulder or temple massage it helps to relax.Play music at 432hz.This frequency seems to disrupt them from penetrating your dream space more often than not.Turn on a fan {white noice} or use a mediataion tape.

Rest. If sleeping at night eludes you then change your schedule.Take naps in late evening or mid-morning if that is an option..Get a third shift job.The witching hour seems to be from 1:30 to 3:30 am. If a time change can help and it's an option. Do it.

Accept or Assist.The reason abductee's don't sleep is out of fear.Accept the fact they would have terminated you already if that was the plan.They want something from you and they are sneaky. Better to creep up on you with your eyes closed than you to see them coming and arm yourself or awaken the whole house. Remember those old glasses from the 60's that had eyeballs staring back at you? I'm thinking about wearing a pair to  just to confuse them.I'm not joking.One time I woke up to see a Grey bent over to see if my eyes were open.I wish I'd worn these all night.Tehehe...

Having someone or something assist you can also be helpful.Wearing a Orgone pendant or using tensor rings 
certainly won't hurt anything but in fact has been recommended by countless researchers, shamans and by people who have used them.

Perhaps you need to find a therapist to help you sort things out in your head.It could be online or in a group or perhaps private practice.
There are people out there who won't laugh at you. Need a referral? Ask me. 

Yell.You are shaking your head and saying silly woman. I can't yell because I am paralysed.They speak to you telepathically.They can hear you telepathically.Yell and scream bloody murder inside your mind.Sing Yankee Doodle Dandy, recite another language, bark like a dog or laugh hysterically. If you can't have a sense of humor you need to.It's a difficult subject and a little laughter is good for the soul.

Scream out,"look behind you baldy or FIRE!" to see if they fall for that.

{You never know.}

I have read research that chaotic sound discombobulates them and causes confusion.If you can't yell then moan.I mean moan in real life.Moan like you are having killer sex and hope your partner hears and shakes you to snap out of it.If you can move or get someone to shake you awake the abduction frequency is disrupted and their hold on you is broken.

I hope this helps in some way. Let me know if you have something that helps.Below is the article that tells you why getting sleep if you can will be a big plus in your life along with places to find the tools mentioned in this article.

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