Thursday, January 14, 2021

What Happened in Wytheville, Virgina in October 1987?


A wave of credible and dramatic UFO sightings swept the town of Wytheville from October 1987 well into the following year. With the 25th anniversary of the first sighting on the horizon, a documentary company, Horse Archer Productions, has launched a new project to revisit the events.

The story centers on WYVE news director, Danny Gordon, who inadvertently became the hub of the flap on October 7, 1987, when Wythe County Sheriff Wayne Pike called in his crime report. Pike told Gordon that four police officers, including some with military experience, had witnessed a UFO.

Within a few weeks, Gordon himself had sighted a strange craft and the town was buzzing with reports, most of which came directly to him. A press conference in mid-October drew national attention and by the following year, Gordon personally received more than 3000 reports.

Gordon took the only known photos of the craft in December of 1987 over a parking lot where over 100 witnesses, including a school bus load of students from Floyd County, saw several craft fly over.

The film, called “Strange Country: A Different Kind of UFO Documentary,” will approach the story from a unique angle according to Sean Kotz, who is directing and producing the film with partner Chris Valluzzo.

“Most of the time, UFO documentaries focus on the most outlandish aspects and are often marked by wild speculations or unfounded assumptions,” said Kotz.

“Instead, we are interested in the human story which is typically forgotten in these cases. What happened to the town and in particular, Danny Gordon, whose life was turned upside down by the ensuing attention and excitement?”

Valluzzo said the UFOs themselves would not be ignored in the film, however.

“It is a compelling case because there were hundreds, if not thousands, of individual witnesses and a variety of craft over the course of several months,” said Valluzzo.

“The witnesses were reliable people,” he added. “In fact, the National Enquirer sent a reporter who decided not to run a story because the people were just not weird enough!”

Kotz said that the reigning opinion is that it was a classified military project, but there are some details that just don’t match up.

“First of all, why Wytheville? If you are trying to hide something, the intersection of two major highways is not a good place to do it.”

“Secondly, the B2 bomber and refueling exercise explanations don’t fit the facts. The majority of the unexplained reports feature noiseless, hovering, low-level craft.”

The film is scheduled for completion this year before the anniversary, but fundraising is ongoing. People interested in seeing the film completed can learn more about the project and see the first trailer at


Monday, January 14, 2019

Alien Contact: Paradigm Shift

In Derek Tyler's Alien Contact series, he talks about about being an abductee and all the things he had to experience as an adult. It is not easy for any person or age to deal with this. I wanted to make a book trailer for him with a broader view that is often not acknowledged as much but very sad and disturbing. A large number of abductees have been taken all their lives even as children.Those nightmares we sometimes had were not just bad dreams but a devious camouflage of something more sinister. In this book trailer, I share those dreams that he or any child would have.

Once you find out you were abducted your life is never the same. I am not a expert at book trailers. I did the whole thing from scratch doing everything myself except the banner. I first wrote the script and then for several months looked for visuals that matched what I saw in my mind. Meticulously, I looked for images that matched his look physically, the car he drove {Camaro}, the small town he grew up in etc.etc. It was not easy. these small details meant a lot to me. It's his story after all.

I must of re-did it 50 times at least to synchronize voice and sound effects etc. Anyway, it was done with the best intentions and in hopes of helping to spread the word about his work. My greatest hope is his books will continue offering answers to those that are looking for them. We could not do this without all of you so, if you could share and like the trailer it will help the cause in a positive way.Thank you!

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Gift

It has taken me quite a while to put all this together. I have always thought that after my near death experience in 2006 that things became different for me because in actuality they did change. I just couldn't put my finger on it, you know? It was not noticeable all at once but over a  long period of time certain characteristics started emerging.

 I found out not only from my own experience that others as well told me they had the same thought...something was different about them and they saw life differently. My experience was right after  knee surgery and before they got me to recovery. My heart rate soared to 225 beats per minute and my blood pressure was off the charts. My heart went into atrial fib and I could feel pain in my  in my chest.Suddenly, I saw a nurse walk fast out the door to notify my family things were going wrong. Seconds later I rose above my body. I could hear and see my daughter in another room in the hospital praying for me.I had no visual of hands, body or physical form.I could see those doors of the operating room and as I looked up it appeared I was nearing the gates of a city of sort sort.I knew then I was not live in physical form but in another realm of my conscientiousness. I only said one sentence.

"Can you let me stay a little while longer?" I knew I had work to do that I haven't done. I also  had unborn grandchildren I wanted to see and be an influence to. I knew I wanted to help people.

Sometime later I woke up in ICU not knowing who I was for awhile. Lot's of people came in and out of my room.It took several months to recover from that. I kept on thinking of my experience and I needed to get started on really living with a purpose.

My first change was faith in myself and my abilities to get things done. I knew if I followed my path that I could accomplish my objectives. I started finishing a novel I started when I was 16 years old. I just "knew" it would be published. It took me a whole year to write it.Within three months it was finished. The reviews were amazing. So, having faith in myself was a good thing with positive results.I wish I had know that when I was 21 years old!

The second change was a little more out of this world-paranormal experiences.
I guessed or sensed things about some people with pretty good clarity. After you "guess" things about someone five or six times you begin to wonder what's going on. It was a weird kind of paranormal experience that seemed right out of the twilight zone.

The third thing was patience. Never my best point, I began to see that good things are worth waiting for.They also demand being done to the best of our abilities.I decided I wanted to do radio and be a Ufologist. Now you are probably saying now this woman has went off the deep end. I don't think so .I have the gift of gab. People end up telling me things because I can ask the right questions. I also recognize patterns and similarities. If I see an image of  a UFO or something that is odd or unusual I stash it away in m y head and sooner or later I will find a duplicate or something connected to that image.I can connect things really well.

It all fell into place.I'm here in the mix of ufologist, abductees, witnesses and experts all placing a spin on what's going on. I have discovered things I never new existed. I have interviewed people all over the world. Recognize your gift and do what you love.Who knew it would be looking for little grey men and flying saucers?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Synchronicity by Debra Jayne East



Nestled in the mountains of Virginia, I grew up in a quiet town called Hillsville. Nothing truly spectacular had ever happened there…but little did I know it was about to. We lived on the outskirts, about 10 miles from town and two miles from my nearest grandmother. Back in those days of no cell phones or social media, there was little to do except play sports, watch television or visit family.

It turns out that 1968 was a year in which many events were history changing to America. What happened? In April, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. A few months later, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Boeing announced its first 747 “Jumbo Jet” and the fastest rocket speed clocked was 24,200 mph, the speed necessary to escape the gravitational pull of space according to NASA.

Another memory was later that year in December, Apollo 8 would have the first manned space craft orbiting the moon. It was the time of the Beatles, mini-skirts and go-go boots even in small towns. My family home was secluded, with a huge tree and large yard. It included a meandering creek we enjoyed splashing around in during hot days.

I was doing well in sixth grade, with science being my favorite subject. I was a straight “A” student and loved school. My favorite band was Steppenwolf and my favorite color was baby blue. My favorite clothes were cut off jeans and a t-shirt with a peace sign on it. That is the memory I have of myself back then.

It was a quarter to midnight and my whole family was crowded in the living room. My three younger sisters were nearly asleep, but at twelve years old I was wide awake and watching a scary movie.

Just about the time Godzilla was preparing to unleash havoc on the first small Japanese fishing town his mighty gaze fell upon, my mom spoke up.

“What in the world has that dog been barking at for the last twenty minutes? Someone should look and see,” she said, annoyed and not even looking up from her sewing.

My dad got up and went over to the window to see what our Labrador, “Bear”, was barking at. Briefly pausing a few seconds to look through the curtains, he went over to the front door and went outside.

Fifteen seconds later we heard him yell for all of us to come outside immediately.

We all quickly jumped up and headed for the porch, with my sleepy sisters following the stampede, not really knowing what was going on.

Breathless and excited, I took ten quick steps on the porch and my life became a surreal dream. Instantly, everything I knew to be true was forever re-arranged. I could see Bear with his head pointed up towards the sky. Hesitantly, I peeped out from under the eaves of the porch.

My heart thumped loudly within me at the unknown image I saw emerging from behind the branches of the huge willow tree in our yard. Steadying myself, I braced my hands on the balustrade of the old Victorian house my great grandfather had built. Time seemed to stand still, as if we were frozen for those few moments. Moonlight had bathed everything in a pale glow.

The stars flickered brilliantly in the night sky. They looked so close you could almost pluck them from the air. The bizarre craft seemed to be out of a movie not reality. Yet there it was looking menacing and intimidating, casually advancing towards us and we were directly in its path.

All six of us were standing silently, gazing up from the porch. The night was fully illuminated and we could see clearly as Bear continued to bark twenty feet away from us, staring straight up at the ominous object which was advancing in the sky.

Nervously, he would trace circles with his nose to the ground as if he was searching for a scent. Periodically, he would glance up with his hackles raised while he followed the path of the object below from the ground.

No one had a voice to speak, not even my youngest four-year-old sister who talked non-stop. Now fully visible and the length of a tractor trailer, the lens shaped craft moved to a standstill as if observing my family. Red, blue green and white lights raced around the craft, rotating through the mid-section. It appeared to be a dull silver color and there was no sound from it at all. Moonlight reflected eerily on part of the craft. It rose up over the tree and was directly in our view. It was not a plane; it was not a helicopter. It was nothing anyone had ever seen before.

Oddly, the air seemed to be charged around us, as if something was different. The hairs on my head an arm stood up to tell me this was something bizarre and potentially threatening.My heart was racing frantically. I steadied myself on the railing. I was spell bound and frightened at the same time. Briefly, it hovered there, not more than 800 feet above us. How long we stood immobile there I could not tell you, but seemingly after a few minutes it slowly rotated to the left and floated towards the main highway a mile away. Bear was at this time quite agitated and followed it barking with his head pointed up towards the sky.

Instantly, like the flood gates had opened, we all burst out talking at once. My two youngest sisters were scared and sobbing.

“Dad, we need to call someone!” I grabbed his arm and pulled him to go inside and call the sheriff’s department

My dad looked down at me and slowly shook his head.

“We can’t Debra.” He started to walk inside to get his keys.

“They will think we are crazy. It’s best to leave this alone. They will just say these things don’t exist.”

He got in his old truck and went to get Bear at the end of the road, where the object was zipping out of sight. I just stood there, hoping to catch one more view of the strange craft and from that moment on, I knew no one could ever tell me that UFO’s don’t exist. They would be a liar if they did.

Why should the truth cause people to say you are crazy? I thought to myself as I tried to sleep that night.                                                                        

Forty-eight years later, I am still wondering the same thing. The difference now is that I have an answer. Years have passed by and there were other events that occurred.

There were mysterious nights me or my sisters woke up frightened because something was coming into the window or the room, but we didn’t know what it was exactly. We just woke up in terror. We had no idea what was really happening.                                                                      

There was a time during a 1987 UFO flap when my parents had moved close to Wytheville, Virginia and they woke up to find bizarre kidney bean shaped marks in a triangle pattern in the back yard. Thousands of reports had come in over a short time period to the town and surrounding areas. Military, police and citizens all made reports of the objects.

Later, Danny Gordon, a radio personality, wrote a book called,” Don’t Look Up.”

I kept a copy of those marks in my parent’s yard and years later I matched them up with similar marks of a UFO case in Sweden. Also, I haven’t seen them but in talking to one of the guys involved in the Rendelsham Forest case they are similar to marks they saw which were associated with that now-infamous event.

Years later, after my first sighting and I was in my twenties, something happened again that was indeed a puzzle to me until years later. I was lying in bed, unable to go to sleep, thinking about what I had to do the next day at work. My bedroom was on the second story and my yard sloped down into a heavily wooded area. The room was in total darkness. Suddenly a brilliant white light flooded the room. There were no homes or roads anywhere behind my house and to get the experience of what I saw would have taken a spotlight as big as a car.

All I remember after that was hiding under the cover and barely being able to breathe. The next memory I have is waking up in the morning. I vaguely began thinking about the light, but soon dismissed such thoughts due to my busy day I had planned.

Two days later, I had memory of a bizarre dream. I was standing in my living room looking out the front door. I saw a truck pass in front of my house and slow down. Its lights went out suddenly, as if it had lost power in an abrupt manner.                                                                            

Quietly, three humanoid beings walked straight into my home. I could not see their faces clearly, as if they were intentionally made blurry. One of them raised its arm and waved towards the library. The message was relayed to me telepathically that they had read every book on the shelf. I asked them where they came from and they created imagery in the air. I know this now was a holographic map, but in 1978 I had never even seen or heard anything about holograms.

They relayed to me information about themselves. They told me they consumed a golden colored substance where they came from, in place of food. As they spoke of it, the image was placed in my mind and I could see what it looked like. On my shelf was a book of religious teachings and I asked them if they knew anything about it. The word Sumer and then Sumerians flashed in my mind which I realized later came from that book on my shelf.                                                                                  

I seemed to float up through the ceiling and then to some other place. Later, when I came back to my place I knew nothing of what happened there. I was in my home alone and I had the sensation of my memory being dissolved slowly like water down a drain. My mind held onto one word; Sumerian, which I repeated over and over as to not forget. Of course, I immediately forgot the word except it started with an “s”. I would not remember it until 2006.

Nearly four months after that incident, I lost a pregnancy and was rushed to the emergency room. My doctor had given me a blood test and I had taken an over-the-counter test. Both had resulted in positive readings.

On the day I was leaving the doctor said something odd to me. “Are you sure you were pregnant? We found absolutely nothing in your uterus. No fetal tissue or anything.”

I was devastated by the lost pregnancy. I had felt the baby move.A mother cannot mistake that. It was years later that a seasoned and well-informed researcher named Derek Tyler helped me put the synchronicity of the events in my life and the UFO history together. Not only him, but another researcher as well after that. Suddenly, things clicked that didn’t make sense before. Why hadn’t I put all these together? That is the power of their mind control over us that’s why. I felt invaded of my rights as a human being to say the least.

Looking back in time, I see the connection of my life events and the UFO sighting. It began there at twelve years old. I had been abducted. And it was not just me: my sister came forward in 2004 after having the same “white light” experience. She knew nothing of mine because I never told anyone back then.

Now I am a radio host for a show called Notes from the Underground. I still like Steppenwolf and hippy clothes. Speaking as a researcher and person with an investigative mind, I have realized the worst thing we can do as a part of humanity is to be silent.

The thought of coming forward as a witness or an abductee is intimidating. There is much to lose and little to be gained by doing so. But I have come to understand that it is a far worse thing to have the knowledge that you have undergone such a strange and transformative experience and to remain silent about it. If we were all to remain silent, the world would never hear our story and never become aware of what is really happening, not just to me but to literally millions of other innocent victims across our country and around the world.

Information about UFO technology and extraterrestrial life has been hi-jacked by our country and many nations. Every faction of our government hides it, uses it and claims ownership for their own gain.

What is the truth? The people who have been abducted, the people who have actually witnessed UFO’s, such as myself and millions of others worldwide know that it is real beyond a shadow of doubt. It chose us beyond our control and permission.

We are disclosure. Nothing will ever change my mind. No government faction or public announcement is needed by myself and many others. The people who have the suppressed data by our government know that it is real. UFO witnesses are portrayed by the government as being either dishonest or mentally unbalanced, a strategy they implement specifically to discredit those of us who come forward and speak the truth about our experiences. They do everything within their power to intimidate and discourage us from telling our stories.

It is the hand of oppression exemplified in all forms of UFO research. People who stand up to tell the truth are harassed, made fun of by family and co-workers, threatened by men in black and strong-armed to be silent. If that doesn't work, they "make you disappear."

Who owns knowledge? The men in power were born the same way we all were. We are all a part of humanity and because we were born does not mean we have to bow down to democracy gone wrong. It’s called freedom.

I no longer stand misinformed or silent as my family did back then. There are millions of people telling their stories from all areas of the world. Famous people such as astronauts, military personnel, doctors, lawyers and you name it They are stepping forth in honor and at peril to their own lives. These are heroes in the true sense of the word. We must not be silent ever again. Every time someone comes forward I am renewed for humanity as a whole. We will get through this.

I hope you are brave enough to be supportive of truth seekers and people who speak out even though they have been told to remain silent. I am asking you to take away all the restraints brought on by an out-of-control government which is willing to kill its own people to suppress and control information, as if the knowledge of its existence is and should remain their personal property. It was never theirs to begin with.

Stand up and be counted. I am.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rock Me Gently or Slap me Please!


Have you been feeling crappy lately? Wide awake and not able to sleep? This is a common problem of alien abductee's who can not sleep for fear of being abducted.The thing I have found  is the less you sleep and the more you stay up night after night the easier it is to abduct you.You don't have the strength or resistence to fight it.Nothing works a hundred percent but I have found these things certainly do help.Use the acronym P.R.A.Y to help you get control of the sleep monste, unwind and get some much needed rest.{It has nothing to do with prayer but that wouldn't hurt either if you wanted to throw some spiritual warfare out there as well.}I've injected a bit of humor so have a good laugh.If you've been up a few nights you probably need it about now.

Prepare. Get comfortable.Wear loose fitting clothes, take a warm bath, dim the bedroom lights,pull the curtains {fluorescent lights signal the brain to wake up, try more subtle lights} adjust the bedroom temperature so you are not too cold or hot, turn off the TV.Omit late night coffee or cola.Try a calming herbal caffeine free tea like chamomile.An occasional sleep aide is okay but try to avoid persistent use of alcohol If you can get your significant other to do it a shoulder or temple massage it helps to relax.Play music at 432hz.This frequency seems to disrupt them from penetrating your dream space more often than not.Turn on a fan {white noice} or use a mediataion tape.

Rest. If sleeping at night eludes you then change your schedule.Take naps in late evening or mid-morning if that is an option..Get a third shift job.The witching hour seems to be from 1:30 to 3:30 am. If a time change can help and it's an option. Do it.

Accept or Assist.The reason abductee's don't sleep is out of fear.Accept the fact they would have terminated you already if that was the plan.They want something from you and they are sneaky. Better to creep up on you with your eyes closed than you to see them coming and arm yourself or awaken the whole house. Remember those old glasses from the 60's that had eyeballs staring back at you? I'm thinking about wearing a pair to  just to confuse them.I'm not joking.One time I woke up to see a Grey bent over to see if my eyes were open.I wish I'd worn these all night.Tehehe...

Having someone or something assist you can also be helpful.Wearing a Orgone pendant or using tensor rings 
certainly won't hurt anything but in fact has been recommended by countless researchers, shamans and by people who have used them.

Perhaps you need to find a therapist to help you sort things out in your head.It could be online or in a group or perhaps private practice.
There are people out there who won't laugh at you. Need a referral? Ask me. 

Yell.You are shaking your head and saying silly woman. I can't yell because I am paralysed.They speak to you telepathically.They can hear you telepathically.Yell and scream bloody murder inside your mind.Sing Yankee Doodle Dandy, recite another language, bark like a dog or laugh hysterically. If you can't have a sense of humor you need to.It's a difficult subject and a little laughter is good for the soul.

Scream out,"look behind you baldy or FIRE!" to see if they fall for that.

{You never know.}

I have read research that chaotic sound discombobulates them and causes confusion.If you can't yell then moan.I mean moan in real life.Moan like you are having killer sex and hope your partner hears and shakes you to snap out of it.If you can move or get someone to shake you awake the abduction frequency is disrupted and their hold on you is broken.

I hope this helps in some way. Let me know if you have something that helps.Below is the article that tells you why getting sleep if you can will be a big plus in your life along with places to find the tools mentioned in this article.